Utah Carry Permit

Utah Carry Permit          On Sunday February 23rd  2014
The Phillipsburg Pistol club, 25 Howard Street Phillipsburg New Jersey 08865,will host a Utah CCW class.  Attending class (and passing) will make you eligible to apply for a Utah Concealed Carry Permit.   As a non-Utah resident, this permit makes it legal for you to carry concealed in the following states.
  Delaware,  Ohio,  Alabama, Kentucky,  Alaska,  Louisiana,  Oklahoma,  Arizona,  Arkansas,  Kansas,  Minnesota,  South Dakota.  Mississippi,  Tennessee,  Missouri,  Texas,  Montana,  Vermont,  Georgia,  Nebraska,  Virginia,  Idaho,  Washington, Indiana,  North Carolina, West Virginia, Iowa,  North Dakota,  Utah,  Wisconsin and Wyoming.
The class will begin promptly at 11:00 a.m. and should be finished no later than 4:00 pm   We will take two 15 minute breaks.  Please feel free to bring food as we can have lunch during class.
The cost is $85.00 per person for the class plus a $10.00 range fee. 
All you need to bring is a pistol, a box of ammo, hearing and eye protection.  All other materials will be furnished.  After you leave the class you will need to obtain a photocopy of your drivers' license, a passport photo, and get your fingerprints taken on the card supplied before you send in your application. 

If you are interested in taking this class,  or have any questions, please contact the instructor,  Jeff,  at 484-318-6500 or  jsg525@earthlink.net