Introduction to concealed carry
                  This is a level two class

This is a beginner level course for new (or potential) holders of a permit to carry a concealed firearm.   This is a level two class.   It would be best (but not required) that you have already learned aout your pistol and the fundamentals of safety and marksmanship in a level one class such as our NRA Basic pistol.


Course content:
You will obtain the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to legally carry a firearm.  Topics covered:  How to obtain a concealed carry permit in PA or any of the 20+ states that will issue them to non-residents.  NJ residents are welcome.  Many get the Florida permit.  Which states will honor your permitany any special carry rules in those states.     Firearms safety.     Which gun to carry.   What are the best types of ammunition for self defense.     What is a good holster.   How to carry concealed.     Where are you allowed to carry.    Awareness and combat mindset.   When are you alowed to use deadly force.   How to shoot a self defense handgun.     How to practice.   How to deal with the police after a deadly force incident.    Where to find good books, videos and more advanced training classes dealing with defense.  

    Classroom plus Range time   5 hours


    Course Fee:   $80.00         

                    Fee for Individual Instruction $100.00