General  Information

           General information


                    All law abiding persons are welcome to take our courses.

        All students will be treated with respect without regard to age,        gender, race, national origin, political affiliation or life style.

  For many of these courses you do not need to own a firearm.  

Our classroom and ranges are WHEELCHAIR accessible. 

        For Level One classes (not yet a gun owner) Guns and ammo will be provided by the instructor.

 Most of our courses are taught in the Easton PA or Phillipsburg NJ area.

 We use the classroom portions of local gun clubs and then use their ranges for the live fire exercises. 

Questions are  always welcome  610-554-4581  email   

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Introduction to concealed carry               

This is a course for persons that have or intend to obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm.      It would be best  that you have already learned about your pistol and the fundamentals of safety and marksmanship.



You will obtain the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to legally carry a firearm.   


 New Jersey residents can obtain a concealed carry permit after completing this course.       

Course Content:


 Firearms safety.   

  Which gun to carry.  

 What are the best types of ammunition for self defense.   

  What is a good holster.  

 How to carry concealed.    

 Where are you allowed to carry.    

Awareness and combat mindset.   

When are you allowed to use deadly force.   

How to shoot a self defense handgun.    

 How to practice.   

How to deal with the police after a deadly force incident.   

 Where to find good books, videos and more advanced training classes  dealing with self defense, 

Classroom time   2.5  hours    Range time  50 shots           


 Course Fee:   $120.oo          Call 610-554-4581

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