Multi-state Carry permit


If you spend a lot of time in other states on business or vacation,

this may interest you.


Currently 24 states will issue a concealed carry permit (CCW) to

 non-residents.  Some require a copy of your home state CCW.  But many just

require a clean record and a certificate to prove that have had some handgun

 training.   This course will provide that training certificate.  Some of these permits

 are honored in over 32  states.  For example: a New Jersey resident can get a

 permit that would be completely legal in Penna. and about 24 other states. (but not NJ).     Thanks to the

 NRA  more and more states are issuing carry permits and more and more states

are recognizing OUT OF STATE permits.  This list is constantly changing. 

In this course you will get the latest information       Choices of holsters and proper methods of carry will be discussed.  Effective ammuniton will be described.   Legal and tactical issues will be covered.  

Classroom time totals 5 hours.  Fee  $90.00